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Find important information regarding your trash service and the new partnership with Waste Management. 


If you have questions, please visit or call our toll-free number at 1-800-284-2451 from 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday. 

Dear City of Canton Residents: 


The City is pleased to announce our partnership with Waste Management for trash collection services. City of Canton households and Light Commercial businesses will receive one Waste Management 96-gallon cart. Carts are durable, have wheels for easy transporting, and lids to keep all trash contained. Please follow the cart placement instructions below to make sure pickups are as efficient and safe as possible. Our aim, as always, is to keep our residents informed and the City of Canton clean and green. 

Dr. William Truly, Jr. 


Waste Cart Collection Service


As a Waste Management customer, you have one (1) 96-gallon cart for waste collection. All waste must fit in the cart with the lid closed. 

Please place the trash cart at the street in front of your home or business one foot from the curb the evening before your service day or by 6am on your service day. 

Important Cart Placement Information

Place your cart at least 5 feet away from all objects including your mailbox, car or trees. The lid opening should face the street with the wheels of the cart facing your house. 

Place the wheels of the cart toward your house. 

Keep 5 feet between carts and other objects. 


Do not obstruct collection of carts by parking vehicles in the vicinity. Keep area clear for easy access by collection truck. 


Bag and tie trash inside your trash cart. No extra trash or bags outside the cart will be collected by Waste Management. 

Have Questions? 

Our customer service Department is here to help. 

Please call 1(800)-284-2451 or visit us online at 

Bulky Waste and Yard Waste Collection

Bulky waste and yard waste will be collected separately once per week the same day as trash by different trucks. Bulky waste includes household furniture like tables, chairs, and appliances. FREON must be removed from all appliances and include a certified tag to be collected. 

Yard waste includes bundled tree limbs and trimmings that can be no more than 4ft in length and not exceed 3in. in diameter. Residents are allowed 5 bags of leaves or trimmings per week. 

Make sure all bulky and yard waste are 5ft apart and away from carts or other items. Bulky and yard waste together cannon exceed 2 cubic yards - which is 72in in length, 34in wide, 41in high. 

Additional Carts 

If you need a second cart, please contact Waste Management at 1(800)-284-2451. Note that Waste Management retains ownership of all carts. 

Remove Your Cart After Collection 

Please remove your cart promptly after it's been serviced to help maintain the cleanliness and appearance of our community. 

Store your cart away from any tiny furnace, grill or other source of excessive heat. 

WM Observed Holidays

Waste Management observes the following three holidays - 

Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. If any of those three holidays falls on or before your collection day, service will be delayed by one day that week only. 

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