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Obtain information regarding public utilities, sewer, water, street maintenance, garbage, recycling, and more. 


Lawerence Morris - Public Works Director

Lawrence Morris


Office Location

520 Industrial Drive

Canton, MS 39046





The City of Canton Department of Public Works is a hands-on team of professionals dedicated to supporting and improving Canton's infrastructure, including the maintenance and repair of:

• Canton City roads

• City-owned buildings

• Motorized equipment 

• Signage for stop signs and street signs

Under the direction of Director Leon Davis, the Department of Public Works is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Canton, making every effort to maximize the efficient, effective use of the City's resources. The Department of Public Works is committed to public safety and providing prompt, courteous quality service to our customers and each other. 

Large Yard Debris 
The residential services provided by the City of Canton's Public Works Department includes the collection of large debris that is placed along the curbside (such as brush, tree limbs,  and tires).  The City of Canton recently purchased a knuckle boom truck to help better serve their citizens with the process.  This unique truck is specially designed to pick up large piles of debris.  There is no weight limit to yard debris that the City will collection.  However, please be advised that if you hire a contractor to trim or cut your trees, the City requires the contractor to dispose of all related waste. 

Yard debris is collected daily as part of your regular service at no additional charge. Place yard debris neatly in the City right-of-way (sidewalk or curb). Loose yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, pine cones, straw and vines must be containerized.


The following are additional requirements for yard waste collection:

  • All loose yard wastes (grass clippings, pine straw, vines, pine cones and leaves) must be containerized. A container may be a plastic bag, a box or a personal 30 gallon trash can. Do not use the city-provided trash cart or wheelbarrows.

  • Yard waste is collected daily. Have your items in the City right-of-way for collection no later than 7:30 a.m. on the day of collection. 

  • Large piles of debris will be tagged if left by private contractors. 

Bulky Item Collection
Bulky items, such as appliances and furniture, are collected at no additional charge as part of your regular trash service by appointment only. Call the Office of Public Works  at 601.859.3245 to schedule an appointment for pick up. Items should be placed in the City right of way only after an appointment is made.  

Bulky metal items must be placed neatly in separate piles from yard debris along the City right-of-way for pick up. 

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