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Ceremonial Document Guidelines

(Please read these guidelines before downloading request form)

What is a ceremonial document?

The City of Canton provides ceremonial documents which highlight achievements, charitable events, civic-minded individuals and/or memorable occasions. Ceremonial Documents are given in the form of letters, proclamations, or resolutions. These documents are prepared by the Mayor’s Office of Communications and include the Mayor’s signature.

Note:  All documents requested go through an internal review process and a person or organization may receive only one ceremonial document per year.  

Who are ceremonial documents given to?

Letters, Proclamations, and Resolutions are issued for the following:

Letters, proclamations and resolutions are issued to individuals who have made significant contributions to the local community, and are celebrating a major milestone. Significant contributions include years of community service in the City of Canton, involvement in local activism on behalf of political, social and cultural causes, and monetary and in-kind donations.

When submitting a person for consideration please include a brief summary about the individual to be honored and his/her accomplishments, involvement in the community, the date of recognition, and type of event planned. Please note: Recipients in consideration must have spent a considerable amount of time in the City of Canton as a resident. Ceremonial Documents will not be issued for honorees that are having ceremonies in the City of Canton who have not been a resident or contributor to city causes. 

What are the requirements for receiving ceremonial documents?


  • Honorary Citizenship – Prominent individuals, entertainers, or artists

  • Appreciation – Outstanding contributions to the City and citizens of Canton (including monetary, in-kind donations, cultural contributions or volunteer efforts)

  • Heroism

  • Significant Birthdays – 75 and higher

  • Significant Marriage Anniversaries – 50 and higher

Letters of Welcome will be issued for the following:  

  • Conferences

  • Conventions

  • Seminars

  • Family Reunions that will be held in Canton

  • Class Reunions for schools and institutions that are located in Canton, or for reunions that are held in Canton

Information required: A brief summary about the company, organization, or group holding the event. If the event is annual, please include the number (ex. 10th Annual Pastor’s Anniversary.) Also include the date of the event, location, and theme if one exist. Photographs of the Mayor will be issued for souvenir publications upon request.

Letters of Congratulation or Celebration will be issued for the following:

  •  Professional Celebrations

  •  Religious Anniversaries and Celebrations

  •  Significant Birthdays – 75 and higher

  •  Significant Marriage Anniversaries – 50 and higher

Information Required for Letters of Congratulation or Celebration: 
Please indicate the title or nature of the event, the specific date, a brief history of the organization, a biographical sketch of the person, and any other pertinent information. 

Note:  Photographs of the Mayor will be issued for souvenir publications upon request.

How do I request a ceremonial document?

Submit a Written Request 
To start the ceremonial document process an individual or organization must first submit a written request to the Mayor’s Office of Communications via facsimile, e-mail, U.S. mail or courier.  Please see below: 

Attn: Ceremonial Documents
Mayor’s Office of Communications

Post Office Box 1605
226 East Peace Street 
Canton, MS 39046
601.391.7724 (Fax)

Information Required in the Written Request

  • All requests must be neatly printed or typed.

  • All requests MUST be submitted one month (30 days) prior to the event or printing deadline.

  • All requests must include the name, daytime telephone number, and email address of the contact person. A second phone number and e-mail address is greatly appreciated. Submitting a draft of the document desired with the request will expedite the process considerably.

  • Please specify whether the document should be mailed , emailed as pdf, or held for pick-up.

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