Scheduling Office

Thank you for contacting the Scheduling Office of Mayor Arnel D. Bolden. Please allow 10 business days from our receipt of your request for a response. If your request exceeds 90 days, it will be placed in pending until the date is closer. Please submit your request for Mayor Bolden to attend your event and/or meeting 30 to 45 days in advance of the actual date.

Below is a detailed link to insure your meeting/event is processed properly. If you have not submitted one, please do so at this time.

Thank you

Office of the Mayor Scheduling Request / Event Form
Fill out the online form to request the mayor attend an event. Once the form is filled out, you may print yourself a copy for your records. In the event that you do not get an auto response, please fax a copy to 601-391-7724.

Ceremonial Documents
If you are contacting us regarding ceremonial documents, which includes photos or letters of greetings, please email the Mayor's Office of Communications at by email.