Application Process
  1. To apply for a building permit for residential construction, the builder / contractor must furnish the city with the following:
  2. Builder / Contractor shall be bonded with the City of Canton ($5,000 or 0.5%, whichever is greater).
  3. Builder / Contractor shall be licensed with the State of Mississippi where required by state law.
  4. Builder / Contractor shall submit two sets of plans. Building plans shall include the following:
    1. Front, rear, left and right architectural elevations.
    2. Foundation, framing, and floor plans with details.
    3. Plot plan showing setbacks, drainage, finished floor elevation, base flood elevation, erosion control, all proposed above-ground construction of accessory uses (fences, pools, antenna, etc.).
    4. Clearance from CMU for utilities. (601-859-2474)
  5. Subcontractors (electrical, plumbing, and HVAC) must hold a current/valid master’s license from the City of Canton or any approved city or county
  6. Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, heated square footage, and cost of construction (not including lot) shall be provided.
  7. Payment of all fees and charges is due at the time the permit is issued.
Renovations, Additions & Accessory Structures
You must obtain a building permit before beginning a renovation, addition, or accessory structure. A permit is also required for ready-to- install structures (such as storage sheds). Please contact the Building and Development Office for additional information.
General Regulations
  • The city shall be notified and must approve any changes to the original approved submittal before such change may be implemented.
  • Permit must be posted in a conspicuous location on the construction site before any work commences.
  • All fees must be paid when permit is issued.
  • All culverts in dedicated street right-of-way shall be concrete or corrugated plastic minimum size shall be 12 inches. Contact Public Works Department at 601-859-3245.
  • Builder / contractor shall provide containers to dispose of all trash and debris. Burning of building debris is prohibited by Mississippi state law. A permit from the Canton Fire Department is required prior to burning natural debris.
  • Any mud or other debris brought onto the street must be cleaned up immediately by the builder/contractor or owner.
  • The builder / contractor is responsible for all on-site clean up. Failure to clean up may result in a fine.
  • Concrete trucks are not allowed to carry more than eight cubic yards at any time on the city streets.
  • All construction shall comply with the adopted building, plumbing, gas, mechanical, electrical and associated codes and ordinances.
  • Erosion control measures as prescribed by the city shall be required to protect all downhill properties.
  • Site must be accessible at all times for all emergency vehicles.
  • Sanitary facilities shall be provided on all construction sites.
  • The city may impose such regulations, which are reasonable and necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its residents, employees, and other persons affected.