Building Inspections

Building Inspector perform technical construction and other inspection work.  Interprets and enforces structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and related codes and regulations.  Regulating new residential and commercial building construction, remodeling, and repair; assists in the review of building plans and specifications.

Duties & Responsibilities
  1. Inspect construction projects at various stages of completion for compliance with pertinent state laws, local codes, regulations, and ordinances.
  2. Check grading at construction sites for compliance with regulations.
  3. Interact with architects, engineers, developers, and homeowners on matter pertaining to codes and regulations.
  4. Review commercial and residential plans for compliance with the model building codes.
  5. Advise property owners and contractors on matters relevant to construction and repair methods and materials.
  6. Issue building permits; answer questions regarding building regulations at the public counter and on the telephone; produce clear, precise correction notices pursuant to jobsite field inspections.
  7. Prepare detailed reports on building conditions and violations; issue citations as required.
  8. Maintain and review current inspection files; check for permits and noncompliance for all alterations, major repairs, and additions to buildings.
  9. Receive and investigate violations of the building code and complaints on health and safety hazards.
  10. Investigate and resolve complaints and problems, review plans for construction, make final inspections to clear permits.
  11. Perform related duties as assigned.